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Paul previously worked as a tradesman in the construction industry as a carpenter, and a building inspector / consultant and had known about Radon and it’s damaging effects for some time. He became the first certified Radon Mitigation and Measurement Professional in British Columbia and Western Canada past Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Having recognized that Radon gas kills more British Columbians than drunk drivers, he has dedicated himself to becoming a Radon Mitigation and Measurement Specialist.

He is willing to travel anywhere in the Province to assist homeowners with Radon issues.

Paul Muntak

paul Paul has experience in custom home building and home renovation contracting and he is a certified Level One Building Code expert. He has worked with quality home builders both in the Kootenay / Boundary and Calgary regions.

He is a graduate of the Carson Dunlop Building Inspection Program with 97% grade average.

Paul was a Registered Home Inspector with the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors CAHPI (BC) and has performed hundreds of home and property inspections within his career. Now, as a Certified Radon Testing & Mitigation Specialist; he has completed hundreds of successful building mitigations for Radon. Paul is the most qualified mitigator for Radon within the Province of BC, with experience ranging from residential, to large industrial, and commercial type buildings.

Paul was first certified in the US through the NRPP, and has since been certified in Canada by the C-NRPP. He currently holds Canadian certifications in both testing and mitigation.

Radon Mitigation & Testing Certification

The Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program

The C-NRPP is a certification program specifically designed for Canadian Certified measurement and mitigation professionals that establish guidelines for the education and training of professionals in radon services industry. IRPS encourages and seeks compliance with the recognized standards of practice as we believe this will protect public health and safety.
The C-NRPP encourages certified professionals to reflect these high standards and ethics in their work and services and to communicate accurately consumers, both to educate about the harmful effects of radon gas, as well as the methodologies used to measure and reduce radon levels within their living and work environments.


The NEHA National Radon Proficiency Program

The American-based National Environmental Health Association has a National Radon Proficiency Program that covers all of North America and is the largest body of Radon professionals anywhere in the world. It initially partnered with Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST), and a Canadian chapter has now taken over certification for Canadian testers and mitigators. The Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP)










Individuals and laboratories holding NEHA-NRPP certification have not only met the requirements set forth by the original EPA program, but we are constantly looking for ways to raise the standards of professionalism.

The NEHA-NRPP logo carries both the tradition and commitment of the National Environmental Health Association and the responsibility to full compliance with national standards and regulations.

We encourage and support true compliance with the recognized standards of practice as we believe this will protect public health and safety.

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