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Purchasing A Home

When you are purchasing a home, this usually the single most expensive and important decision you will face. So you should of course protect yourself as best you can and ask lots of questions during the transaction. Your realtor can help advise and guide you through the entire process. Although one of the commonly missed …

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The Lung Cancer Stigma

The vast majority, about 80%, of lung cancer patients today are already never or non-smokers. Telling them they need to quit is offensive and mostly pointless. For years, anti-smoking ads effectively reduced smoking by emphasizing negative images of smokers afflicted with lung cancer. Unfortunately, these ads caused the public to equate smoking and lung cancer, and villianized smokers and lung cancer …

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Challenge Your MP To Support a Radon Tax Credit

There are a multitude of tax credits for various things, but none for Radon Mitigation. The Canadian Environmental Law Association is trying to change this. Go to this link  http://www.cela.ca/blog/2016-10-25/challenging-all-mps-whose-ridings-have-high-radon-levels-support-radon-tax-credit to see how you can help.   Skip to Navigation Challenging all MPs whose ridings have high radon levels – support a radon tax credit! Posted …

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Radon Facts At A Glance

Enhance your knowledge about radon.  

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BC Building Code Changes for Section 9.13

On December 19, 2014 changes to the 2012 BC Building Code were made to section 9.13. This is the section of the building code that deals with control of soil gas and we now have new mandatory “Radon rough-in requirements” implemented as per Table C-3. This section now provides a more descriptive method of radon …

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BC Lung Association Radon Study

  In January of 2014 IRPS was the lead contractor enlisted to provide field services and research for the BC Lung Association’s, Radon Aware Study in partnership with the Building and Safety Standards Branch. The study ran from January to May of 2014. The goal was to provide information on the effectiveness of new homes …

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