Radon Inspections

I have a new home with no cracks or other openings, so why should I test for Radon?

As a gas, Radon can seep through tiny cracks that you might not even see. It can get into finished or unfinished basements, and into new homes as well as old. You won’t know if it’s in your home unless you do a Radon test.
The builder said “my new home is radon resistant, so I can’t have Radon, right?”
Even if you have purchased a home with Radon Resistant New Construction (RRNC), unless you, the builder or a home inspector tested your new home for Radon, there is no way to know that the RRNC system installed is working as it should to reduce the indoor Radon levels. Although the name Radon Resistant New Construction implies that the home resists radon, very few contractors know how to install an effective system unless they have been specifically trained in Radon Mitigation. Bottom line is you should complete a Radon test regardless if your home is new or old and continue to re-test at a rate of once every 5 years thereafter.

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