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The testing instructions are not very clear to me. Can you help?

Sure can. The first thing to do is select an area that is going to be occupied for 4 hours or more per day. This area needs to be on the lowest livable level of your home. Record all information, start time, date, location, device number, and all your pertinent information on the form supplied with the test kit. Do it now as time has a way of making you forget. The testing should catch a good part of the heating season, the optimal time of year to test is from October to April for at least 3 months. If you start a test in the summer months, that is fine, just ensure it goes into the heating season as well.

Now the specific placement is to be 50 cm from an exterior wall or 40 cm from an interior wall, in the range from 0.8 m to 2 m off the floor, at least 50 cm from the ceiling, and try and keep a 20 cm from other objects. Make sure this location is not near a heat vent or fans.

Do not place the test in a closet, cupboard, in the kitchen, in the laundry room, in a crawlspace, or in a bathroom.

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