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How Radon Enters Your Home

Radon enters a building or home as a soil gas. The concentration of Radon in the soil gas is largely dependent on the concentrations of Uranium in the soils below and around the building or home. Any home can have a Radon problem—new or old, well sealed or drafty, slab-on-grade or with basements.

How Radon Enters a House

How Radon Enters a House

The rate at which Radon enters into a building or home will depend on several factors such as: type and characteristics of soil, the Radon gas concentration in the soils, design and construction of foundation, pressure differences between the building or home and the surrounding soils.

Radon may also be present in well water, and can be released into the air in your building or home when water is used for showering, laundry and other household uses. In most cases however, Radon in water is a small risk compared to airborne Radon and it takes very high levels of Radon in water to disperse significant levels Radon into the air we breathe

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