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Radon Mapping of Canada

Finally Canada now has Radon Risk Potential mapping. This mapping is comparable to the maps produced by the US Geological Survey. Based on geological units as a basic framework , the Radon map of Canada was produced. This is the most extensive and complete mapping of Radon Risk Potential ever completed to date for Canada.

However, it is important to note that even this mapping does not guarantee you will have high or low Radon levels. The mapping is used as more of a guideline as to “how likely” you are to have Radon issues. You must test any building, regardless of which zone it may fall into, to know for sure whether or not you are safe from the harmful effects of Radon. Please pick up a test kit today and start your testing process.

For complete information on how the Radon mapping of Canada was produced, or to purchase your own copy, please visit.



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