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Although the best test you can have performed is one that is conducted by a Certified Radon Measurement Technician however, due to lack of Certified Measurement Technicians available in the province, issues such as travel costs could be significant to have testing done by an IRPS Tech.

Testing in this format gives people an option to use an approved testing device and avoid some of the extra costs associated from living abroad or the unnecessary delays resulting from sending devices cross border to US labs. Instructions and placement guidelines are made available to you in order to help ensure you place the device in an adequate location. Fill out the “Deployment Information Sheet” for each device you deploy and send it back with the device once testing has been completed.

Of course if you experience any issues in placement or deployment, you can always contact us by phone and we would be happy to assist you.

Short term E-perm test sent directly to you $85

e-perm monitors eperm

Information Package downloads



Long term E-perm test sent directly to you $85

Information Package downloads


long term testing3 long term testing5 short term testing2

What is included in the service price of $85? Note: you will be responsible for the return shipping of the completed test.

      • Free shipping from the lab to the Client
      • Analysis fees
      • Radon test results
      • Free consultation of interpreting test results
      • Quality assurance procedures

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